Tuesday, March 28, 2017

10 Ways to Increase Your Small Business Website Conversions

You’ve invested time and money into building your small business website, but are you getting the website conversions that you need? It doesn’t matter if you want those conversions to be closed sales, downloaded ebooks, newsletter subscriptions, or something else. The recommendations included in this article will help you boost those conversions.

Your website is an important marketing tool as well as a sales tool (whether or not you’re directly or indirectly selling your products or services on your small business website). That means your site has to be designed and written in a way that helps your visitors take the necessary conversion paths. The 10 tips below are easy to implement yet extremely effective in boosting website conversions.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Critical Steps to Choose the Right Business Partner – Infographic

Choosing a business partner is a big decision — really, really big. This is the person you’ll work closely with for years to come if you’re successful, but you won’t have a chance of reaching your goals if you and your business partner are not the right match.

As business partners, you’ll be tied to each other. Decisions made by one partner will directly affect not just the business but the other partner as well. It’s like a marriage because you’re in it together, and the actions of one equate to the actions of both. You can’t say, “That wasn’t me – it was my business partner.”

With that in mind, how do you pick the right business partner? My first recommendation is to move slowly and purposefully. Don’t jump into a relationship because it can be hard to get out of it unscathed if things don’t work out later. To choose the right business partner for your entrepreneurial venture, follow these five critical steps:

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